What we offer
Upal provides Point Of Purchase solutions for our clients, from conceptual designs to final distribution to your shops. We pride ourselves on coming up with proactive ideas and concepts for our clients, that we believe will distinguish their brands from others. We understand that excellent brands need extraordinary displays.

Design – Our design team has a wealth of experience in creating innovative and unique display solutions for our clients, from conceptualising the display layouts and structures to creating the branding and design elements that are applied to it.

Procurement – We work with suppliers around the world to source different components for our display structures, but typically favour local suppliers which have been cooperating with us for a long time, as our goal is to grow together with all our suppliers.

Manufacture – Our factory in Dongguan is the manufacturing base of our world-class luxury display products. We work with many types of materials in the manufacturing process, such as acrylic, wood, metal, stainless aluminum etc. And we are able to suggest the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for each design we produce.

How we do it
Knowing who our customers are and what they want - through open communication.
Consistently meeting or even exceeding our customers’ expectations for better quality and performance.
Understanding the requirements of our jobs and the systems that support us - through training and education.
Making continuous improvements a part of every day and every job - through participation and measurements.

Delivery Punctuality
Shipping on the date required by the customers.
Monitoring on-time delivery performance.

Quality Targets
Complying with the company certification of ISO 9001:2008.
Getting satisfaction from our clients based on our performance.
Handling complaints and problems both inside and outside our company with reliability, respect and efficiency.